MOOCs: What Higher Education Can Learn From It

In the last twenty years sharing knowledge and information has become very easy because of the explosion of internet technology. This has led to new pedagogical possibilities, also in the field of education. Modern education represents a fusion of powerful communication technologies, internet literacy, and pedagogical innovation which is developing into a new creative paradigmContinue reading “MOOCs: What Higher Education Can Learn From It”

Bildung As A Theory of Learning

In higher education the concept of Bildung is introduced. Bildung (self-cultivation and self-realization) as a reflective tool and as a point of orientation and regulation. In order to clarify the conception of Bildung theories of transformative learning may be helpful in explaining some of the core features.

 How To Create DIY Learning

The world has changed. Being a learner is more important than being learned. To have the best chance of happiness and success in the world students have to be able to flourish in freedom. Can you agree? Intellectually, you may be able to make sense of the arguments but the biggest barrier to rethinking educationContinue reading ” How To Create DIY Learning”

Education Needs a Humanistic Approach 

The context of learning is changing. There is a lively public debate on the foundational principles for education. Rethinking education affect the organization of learning. This includes the recognition, validation and assessment of learning in a plural and interconnected world.

Playing Sports for Bigger Roles in Life

We know that sports and play kids are getting is good for their health. Or at least provides them with an attitude and exercises that are fun and have the oppertunity to involve them in a more active lifestyle. But that’s not the only motivation for encouraging children to participate in (organized) sports and play.

Toekomstbestendig onderwijs? 

De onderwijsinspectie wil dat studenten met meer plezier naar college gaan en de overheid wil een lerende economie. Beide doelen kunnen we bereiken door trends eindelijk eens toe te gaan passen in het onderwijs, of dat nu ‘gamification’ of ‘de student als inspiratiebron’ is. Een opleiding kan innoveren door zich op te stellen als levendContinue reading “Toekomstbestendig onderwijs? “

What our Youth needs in Higher Education?

The model of higher education has shaped not only how we institutionalize teaching and learning but also how we approach individual education and talent development. The fundamental model of teaching and learning in higher education and professional training is based on a monastic tradition. The medieval European monasteries and early universities supported training for specificContinue reading “What our Youth needs in Higher Education?”

Beroepsonderwijs: een georganiseerde groepsreis.

Het is niet meer houdbaar om georganiseerde groepsreizen aan te bieden en te verwachten dat studenten vol nieuwsgierigheid en intrinsiek gemotiveerd het beste uit zichzelf willen halen. De felle opmars van standaardisatie heeft als onbedoeld neveneffect: angst en wantrouwen. Daarnaast is het nog maar de vraag of de waarde van het diploma in de toekomstContinue reading “Beroepsonderwijs: een georganiseerde groepsreis.”