Empowerment Comes Before Engagement

Do we want teachers to be empowered or engaged? I would like to work in a school culture in which teachers feel empowered to learn and try new things. This builds leadership capacity and intrapreneurship. Should teachers be engaged? Absolutely, but after they feel empowered. I don’t think this would be different for students.

Deep Learning Mindsets & Strategies

How can we best prepare students for a world that will require more of them? The most important resource in education reform is the learner’s mind. We need to re-ignite the hunger for learning that many students lose along the way. Explicit and embedded work on learning mindsets and learning strategies & habits puts studentsContinue reading “Deep Learning Mindsets & Strategies”

Playing Sports for Bigger Roles in Life

We know that sports and play kids are getting is good for their health. Or at least provides them with an attitude and exercises that are fun and have the oppertunity to involve them in a more active lifestyle. But that’s not the only motivation for encouraging children to participate in (organized) sports and play.

Encourage the Growth of Talent

I will be proud if I give my students the power to consider what kind of society they want to be part of, teaches them to use their abilities to create the change they want to see, and gives them the skills to act on their dreams. This is an ambitious mission and so needed inContinue reading “Encourage the Growth of Talent”

Empowerment is Ruled Out by the Educational System 

Education is all about empower other people and supporting people to change their behavior. Getting kids to pay attention in class, getting teens to understand they need to look at their future and getting students to share their talents to move the world. At the center of all this persuasion is selling: educators are sellersContinue reading “Empowerment is Ruled Out by the Educational System “

Impliciet Actief Leren in de Sport

Steeds meer mensen zien het belang van sporten en bewegen. Erik Scherder is een bekende pleitbezorger van deze boodschap. Het belang van bewegen voor de ontwikkeling van kinderen wordt steeds duidelijker. Ze leren niet alleen sociale vaardigheden en een actieve gezonde leefstijl. Naast het perspectief van gezondheid krijgt juist het effect van bewegen op deContinue reading “Impliciet Actief Leren in de Sport”

From Learning Factory to Learning Garden 

At heart, education is all about empowerment of people. It is widely understood that learning is a product of passion and not test taking. Society would have to embrace a more difficult educational model. Schools would become facilitators of passion instead of directors of course material. Their efforts would be unmeasurable by current standards, sinceContinue reading “From Learning Factory to Learning Garden “

The Misconception of Bloom’s Taxonomy

I think the model of Bloom is wrong. I know this statement sounds absurd in todays education. The unsuspecting side effect of Bloom is happening. So, I think this is something we should rethink, especially since it is so widely taught to teachers and in teacher education. I acknowledge that the taxonomy accurately classifies various typesContinue reading “The Misconception of Bloom’s Taxonomy”

Empowered Learning in the Makers Movement 

Jules Verne Project – a learning experience needed! 
In my search for more powerful learning grounded in theory and research I came across constructionism. Constructionism is reflected in the learning experience. Within the learning experience learning is an active process, in which people actively construct knowledge and skills from their experience in the world. People don’t getContinue reading “Empowered Learning in the Makers Movement “

Intellectual Playfulness and the Power of Feiro

People of all ages need time to learn through play in education. Time spent on play in education becomes less when you grow up in education and life. The erosion of play, creativity and joy in education and lives has devastating effects. Researchers have documented a rise in mental health problems – such as anxietyContinue reading “Intellectual Playfulness and the Power of Feiro”

Trends in het beroepsonderwijs

Het beroepsonderwijs is constant in ontwikkeling. Zowel de ontwikkeling van MOOCs (massive open online course), nieuwe vormen van leren, financiële druk en standaardisatie beïnvloeden het onderwijs landschap. Hogescholen en hun leiders bedenken elke keer weer strategieën om de nieuwste en veranderde beleidsdoelen en prestatie indicatoren te behalen. Midden in al deze veranderingen staat de student.Continue reading “Trends in het beroepsonderwijs”

Onderwijs: wij leveren u elke kleur auto zolang deze maar zwart is.

‘Wij leveren u elke kleur auto, zolang deze maar zwart is’, zei Henry Ford bij de introductie van de T Ford (1903). In ons huidige onderwijs lijken we daar niet ver vanaf te zitten. ‘Wij leveren onderwijs op maat, zolang het leerplan, de toetsing en het diploma gestandaardiseerd en uniform is (2015)’. Hierdoor is deContinue reading “Onderwijs: wij leveren u elke kleur auto zolang deze maar zwart is.”