How to Improve Learning in Sports

Improving learning is a very important task for every educator. When it comes to sports teachers and trainer/coaches the main aspects of learning can be described as: – the best way to learn how to do something is to do it; – the closer practice activities resemble the full activity the better. Putting these aspectsContinue reading “How to Improve Learning in Sports”

Learning Experience Design

The process of designing an experience, regardless of purpose, is based on reaching a certain outcome. Ideally with as little fuss and as much joy as possible. The purpose of an experience and the environment in which the experience takes place will vary: purchasing a holidays on a tablet, enjoying dinner in a restaurant, orContinue reading “Learning Experience Design”

Deep Learning Mindsets & Strategies

How can we best prepare students for a world that will require more of them? The most important resource in education reform is the learner’s mind. We need to re-ignite the hunger for learning that many students lose along the way. Explicit and embedded work on learning mindsets and learning strategies & habits puts studentsContinue reading “Deep Learning Mindsets & Strategies”

Differentiated Instruction on Steroids

Teaching is in the middle of a change, an evolution, a revolution. The intensity of the description depends on whom you ask. One could argue that this change is natural and part of an ebb and flow cycle. This change feels faster, and possibly more frenetic — likely due to technology’s role in the change.

Powerful Learning is Agile and Student-centered

There’s no shortage of different opinions about how the education system should adapt to a shifting world and a future with unknown demands, but for the most part, only two dominant narratives of education reform have emerged. Most teachers didn’t sign up for this shifty moment we are in. But I find it interesting.

Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose to be Happy

Daniel H Pink has studied motivation in the business world for a long time and he came to the startling conclusion that traditional ways of motivating people with financial incentives doesn’t work. The only time incentives worked, in fact, was when the problem was mechanical and the path to the solution was straightforward. Study afterContinue reading “Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose to be Happy”

Best Future-proof Learning Space

We still line our students up in rows facing the same direction toward a voice of authority. We use desks that lock them up in place, where the majority of movement within their staring is eyes forward, eyes down? The experience of space has a profound effect on how we use that space and behaveContinue reading “Best Future-proof Learning Space”

Youtube Education, New Options in Student Engagement?

Higher education is standing at a crossroad. Flipped classrooms and MOOC’s (massive open online courses) have become a disruptive force. Also the rise of Youtube education can’t be neglected. It’s creating challenges and opportunities at the same time.