If you are a cyclist and design enthusiast I have a great thing for you. An attractive wooden bicycle that has an awesome ride. I expected a great looking bike but I fell in love with it because of the ride. Using it on a regular base puts a smile on my face everytime. The Sandwichbike is a unique bicycle that is delivered in a box and the customers have to assemble the bike on their own. I’m not only like the bike I like the whole concept — that is why I write this blog.


The Sandwichbike has been designed to be more durable than the conventional bike. Composed mostly of wood, it needs no welding, makes the bike easy recyclable and more environment friendly. Sandwichbike focuses primarily on environment friendliness, simplicity and uniqueness. A great thing about the design is the DIY nature of the bicycle. Because the owner has to put the bike together it gives you a feeling of proud. It is really easy to do, like assembling Ikea furniture. The kit contains the assembly tools required and because of this the setting up is fun. The personal experience of building your bicycle is part of the concept: sustainable, looking after it and enjoying it. I want to emphasis that allthough it is a DIY project the parts fit perfectly and the bicycle functions smoothly.


The single-speed bicycle structure is constructed with two frames of layered and weather coated plywood which ‘sandwich’ the rest of the bike. All of the parts are bonded using ‘smart’ aluminum cylinders. These cylinders are also used as mounting points on the Sandwichbike’s main body. They are used for the headset, the seat tube and the brackets. The stainless steel chain, 14G stainless steel spokes and Schwalbe 26-inch Big Apple tires will set the bike in motion. The Shimano single speed coaster brake will bring it to a halt when needed. The finished bike weighs approximately 13kg. It sounds a bit heavy and it is! Riding it makes it so enjoyable that I forget about the weight. It’s not about being the first or fastest but about having fun and feel good.


Thank you Basten Leijh of Bleijh Design for creating such a great bike and concept. I enjoy it everyday.


Here is a link to the website to get your own Sandwichbike: Sandwichbike

A great film about it:


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