Pay What You Want

I have a wonderful job and get payed well for it. I have a challenging task to challenge the status quo and work on the future of higher education. I love it! To become better in my job I always looking for learning opportunities.
Besides that I’m coaching people to perform better and give workshocks about a ‘performance’ mindset. It helps me to develop and realise my mission to make learning awesome and significant.


I’m experimenting with the pay-what-you-like approach (waardebepaling achteraf in Dutch) because I want to focus on impact, getting things done instead of economic value and time.


In the western world the dominant construct of labour is exchanging time for money. In 2018 millions of people work as a knowledge-worker. Our contribution is based on ‘working-with-our-head’ but our rewardsystem is based on ‘working-with-our-hands’. So, automatically based on exchanging time for money. I think that will not work when you want to work in the front-line of educational Innovation.

pay what you want


Since 2017, the people that I coached and the workshocks I gave were payed with the pay-what-you-want approach. They decide themselves what my contribution is worth to them. To me it works out great that I don’t have to focus on a deal. Instead, I can focus on what I have to offer. Because I don’t know in advance what my contribution is worth the relation becomes the key aspect. Working from a pay-what-you-want approach is working in trust, with personal responsibility and for feedback. The other/client decides what my contribution is worth.


I hear you thinking, doesn’t he cares at all? On the contrary! Every time I’m curious about my contribution. From a macro perspective, I want to have impact and give a significant contribution that moves people. But I am also human and have an idea about what I am worth (micro perspective). Happily most of the ‘value predictors’ are doing great. I’m not in for the money but for the freedom and trust that is given me to make a contribution. That’s what gives me energy.


Value is more than money. The main principle is equality and trust in working together. If there is no budget to prize my contribution, it is allright. Be honest about it! A contribution to forfulling my dreams can be priceless. It could be a recommendation or service in return. To help you out I will share my small and big wishes with you.

⁃ Help in realising my dream;
⁃ Something personal;
⁃ Tony Chocolonely to bring home;
⁃ I love flowers and great wine;
⁃ Interview, article or small film to promote my ideas;
⁃ A great read: grote boek van jezelf (Gerrie Geersing, N-talent) fully charged (Tom Rath;
⁃ Nice weekend with my family;
⁃ Great straps for my windsurfboard.

any help?

Imagine that time and money wasn’t a restriction. What was my contribution worth to you? Than decide what you find appropriate, right now in your circumstances.
An average coach session is about €80, a workshock about €60 and consulting about €120 per hour. Most of the people give me, when it comes to money, between €50 and €150 for my contribution.



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