Workshock for War Child

To protect, educate and stand up for the rights of children caught up in war. This is the mission statement of War Child. When they asked me to contribute with giving a workshop about entrepreneurial learning I didn’t had to think long. Continue reading “Workshock for War Child”

Ambassador of Microfeedback

I am a Rate My Study ambassador! Feedback of students is vital to my growth as a teacher. Creating valuable learningexperiences for students is what I do. Students are the center of our classrooms. As a teacher you can be the most impactful person in the classroom, in making learning valuable. Continue reading “Ambassador of Microfeedback”

Dorian Foundation: Mindset and Performance

I’m the performance coach of the Dorian Foundation and Waddenteam. The Dorian Foundation supports athletes to become their best self. Dorian van Rijsselberghe, 2 times olympic gold medalist (London, Rio de Janeiro) puts in his enthusiasm and personality to be inspiring for these athletes. Together with his brother Adriaan van Rijsselberghe (7 x Dutch Champion Slalom Windsurfing) and the family I create a learning environment where athletes can trust on their talents and develop their mindset to perform their best.


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Workshock at F.O.E.L

Festival of Entrepreneurial Learning. As a public speaker and learning enthousiast I gave two workshops about coaching the process of entrepreneurial learning. Together with students of the minor Da Vinci we created an empowered learning environment where people shared their success-moment of last week and pitched their idea to get more entrepreneurial. I’ve met great people and started some new initiatives on making entrepreneurial learning happen.

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Mindset Coach of Martijn Jaspers (BMX)

As performance coach of Martijn Jaspers, #92 pro BMX racer (4th WK 2013, 5th World Cup Papendal 2013, 2nd EK 2016), I helped him to create an environment for maximum performance that matches his talents. Working with Martijn felt like friendship. We talked a lot about learning to perform and made him trust on his talents even more. He was part of the Dutch National Team preparing for the Olympics (RIO). Martijn Jaspers is a respected BMX racer, trainer/coach and known for his dedication, creativity and friendly personality. For more information on his work:

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Co-Initiator of the Design Factory at Hanze University

 As a program developer and learning enthousiast I created together with other people a new initiative for the Hanze University of Applied Sciences. Because we felt the urge for more ‘makers’ initiative for learners we created the HanzeDesignFactory to have a place where students, teachers and people out of the workfield can work together on new solutions for the future. Design thinking, effectuation, business model canvas and talent-based working are main components of the learning environment we’ve created. link:

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Development of programs for KNWV (Dutch Sailing Association)

As a program developer I worked with the Royal Dutch Sailing Association (, Bart van Roessel on the development of teaching programs. The focus was on transparency in competences-based learning to have a more realistic program to make sure we have qualified staff for the next decade. The thing we are most proud of is that we used a lot of ‘user-experiences’ in the process of developing a course. Testing the learning outcomes with several stakeholders made it a very good and also challenging process.

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