Minor Da Vinci at Hanze University

As a gentle disruptor I was, together with Jorg Andree, responsible for the Da Vinci programme of the Hanze University for Applied Sciences. Together with a few colleagues I coach the students and put together an unique programme every half year.


The group of students is a variety of people from all kind of backgrounds. It’s a so called multidisciplinairy minor because the students come from different studies and different universities. The programme is build around talent-based working to become entrepreneurial. It isn’t about setting up a start-up or writing a businessplan. It is about becoming proactive, learn your strengths and talents to use it in creating a better future. Share your talent, move the world. Because we believe that the entrepreneurial mindset is needed to succeed in todays future.


After a workshock on the national festival for entrepreneurial learning I started a co-creation process with the gouvernmental organisation that is promoting entrepreneurship in Holland. I was interviewed twice and an article was written in Dutch.


educational advisor and designer

Two mounth later I got an other job at the same university. Unfortunately I had to give up coaching in the minor because of my new area of responsibility. Within my new responsibility this kind of entrepreneurial mindset will be gentle included in the curricula. I wish my colleagues a great follow up. You doing great work.


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