KAOSPILOT Master Archer

I’m a KaosPilot! By taking the learning journey of the KaosPilot Masteting the Art and Craft of Facilitation and Designing Learning Spaces I’m more ready than ever to lead people through chaos.

As a Master Archer I lead and facilitate learning that is awesome and significant to society, students and teachers. I facilitate the process of becoming future leaders in higher education. With this I mean exploring the mindset needed, creating the learning space and facilitate the change needed. As a KaosPilot Master Archer I work in a close network of fellow Master Archers, especially in London, Sydney and Aarhus, that all do a significant job in leading the change. Guess what, we allready started and we will soon land it near you.

So, I invite you to explore the future of learning on a personal level (leading it), on a team level (facilitation it) and on a system level (designing it).


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