Hanze University

As a senior lecturer at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences I empower learners to contribute to our mission: Share your talent, Move the world.

At the School for Marketing and Management I coach the minor Da Vinci students. This is a well known disruptive program where entrepreneurial behaviour is stimulated in becoming an innovation professional. The learning environment is multi-disciplinairy, open and uses theories as Design Thinking, Effectuation and talent-based learning. Together with my colleague I’m responsible for the program, assessments and coaching.
At the School of Sports Studies I lecture about learning and teaching concepts, coach last year students to become their best self as a Sports/P.E. teacher (teacher education). I’m also responsible for curriculum development with emphasis on entrepreneurship, internationalisation, professional development, learning and assessments.
Professional skills for Sport, Health and Management students is also part of my routine.
Design thinking and educational design research is my responsibility in the Master Talent development and Diversity.

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