Hannah van Boven

A beautiful girl, an awesome person that rides very fast on bikes. I met her during the celebration of Dorian van Rijsselberghe’s 2nd Olympic Gold Medal. An ambitious girl who enjoyed training and racing on her MTB.



It is always wonderful to be part of someones dream. Hannah van Boven asked me to help her out. In the relationship we build we talk about meaning of decision-making. To me Hannah is a special talent that knows what see want. She is eager to learn and want to perform. Performance is a natural effect of putting in hardwork, training and mindset. She is a true talent with a great heart for people and sports. Hannah, thanks for working with you.


Dutch National Youth Champion

She decided to be an athlete and changed her mindset and communication. This year she performed well, became Dutch National Youth Champion in MTB (2017) and ranked 60th UCI. As a cherry to the cake she was chosen Talent of the Year 2017 MTB by the MTB world. Girl, you can be proud!


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