Ambassador of Microfeedback

I am a Rate My Study ambassador! Feedback of students is vital to my growth as a teacher. Creating valuable learningexperiences for students is what I do. Students are the center of our classrooms. As a teacher you can be the most impactful person in the classroom, in making learning valuable. Honest feedback from your students will help to improve your teaching and have more impact. Rate my study ( makes it possible to get instant feedback on your teaching with the questions you want to ask in only a few minutes. That’s why I became an RMS ambassador.


I’ve collected feedback for more than ten years. I use personal developed questionnaires and the required ones, I ask for feedback and talk in small groups about the feedback. Most of the time the end of the semester or the week before Christmas or summer holidays are moments to collect systematic feedback. I always have a double feeling about it. It’s a great learning possibility (confronting and pleasurable) but I often experienced it as to late. I was searching for a quick, easy to use system where I can put in the questions I want to ask. I want feedback to be a regular aspect of teaching to be an example in taking learning and teaching seriously. To understand the learner: the user experience, I need micro feedback. Eventually I got the oppertunity to co-develop and use an app called RMS.



Feedback is vital in growing as a professional. Students need to watch me level up in teaching, because they have to level up, too. I can honestly say that most of the feedback I’ve received has made me a better teacher and coach. Great teachers are never afraid of getting feedback and having conversations with students to improve their teaching and learning. That is why RMS can help you become an even better teacher.

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