Workshock Facilitating Learning in Complexity

During the inspiration-day, 4th of April 2019, at our own University I took people into the facilitation of learning in complexity. Inspired by Kaospilot I started with an idea about the future of work. Do we prepare our students for that future? Continue reading “Workshock Facilitating Learning in Complexity”


If you are a cyclist and design enthusiast I have a great thing for you. An attractive wooden bicycle that has an awesome ride. I expected a great looking bike but I fell in love with it because of the ride. Using it on a regular base puts a smile on my face everytime. Continue reading “Sandwichbike”

Manifesto 15 Ambassador

This manifesto is about the future of education and it is gaining worldwide support. John Moravec whose perspective on education is global and futuristic started this manifesto in 2015. He is the founder of Education Futures LLC, author of a book called Knowmad Society, and co-director of the Invisible Learning project. Continue reading “Manifesto 15 Ambassador”

Hannah van Boven

Hannah van Boven

A beautiful girl, an awesome person that rides very fast on bikes. I met her during the celebration of Dorian van Rijsselberghe’s 2nd Olympic Gold Medal. An ambitious girl who enjoyed training and racing on her MTB. Continue reading “Hannah van Boven”

Pay What You Want

I have a wonderful job and get payed well for it. I have a challenging task to challenge the status quo and work on the future of higher education. I love it! To become better in my job I always looking for learning opportunities. Continue reading “Pay What You Want”