Empowering people in sports and education is what I do. I facilitate learning experiences where people are engaged, can trust on their talents, get curious and entrepreneurial, so they can reach their full potential and have impact in the world. The focus in the learning process is on empowerment and entrepreneurship rooted in a performance mindset. Impact is shown in getting things done. Ultimately, people develop new ways of approaching the world, through the power of learning. That is why I work hard to make learning awesome and significant.


I work as a learning engineer and educational designer at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences, School of Sports Studies in the Netherlands. Within my work, together with my colleagues, I’m responsible for the quality and the development of curricula (sportmanagement & health and P.E. teacher training) and innovation in work and education.

A few years ago I started writing blogposts about innovation of education, learning and curriculum development on trenducation.

Learning Engineer | Educational Designer | Performance Coach | KaosPilot