Professional Development in Teaching

In my search to explore ways to develop, educate and coach teaching quality I found 5 elements do deal with. Teaching quality is defined as instruction that enables a wide range of students to learn. Therefore the aim is is to reach all students and not just those who choose to participate in classroom learning.

How to Improve Learning in Sports

Improving learning is a very important task for every educator. When it comes to sports teachers and trainer/coaches the main aspects of learning can be described as: – the best way to learn how to do something is to do it; – the closer practice activities resemble the full activity the better. Putting these aspectsContinue reading “How to Improve Learning in Sports”

 How To Create DIY Learning

The world has changed. Being a learner is more important than being learned. To have the best chance of happiness and success in the world students have to be able to flourish in freedom. Can you agree? Intellectually, you may be able to make sense of the arguments but the biggest barrier to rethinking educationContinue reading ” How To Create DIY Learning”

Creating a Learning Experience

I’ve spent the last couple of days thinking about some tools I will use next year with my students. I want to prepare an inspiring and effective ground for learning. I don’t want to structure and pre-define everything. I do not want to create a community for my students. Instead, I want to create theContinue reading “Creating a Learning Experience”

What Is An Empowered Learner? 

Empowerment is about how students approach learning – motivated, with confident, and ready to tackle the task. Unfortunately, it is not how many of our students approach learning. Their mindset is more like: how hard it’s going to be, how you aren’t going to like it, worry that you are not smart enough, wonder ifContinue reading “What Is An Empowered Learner? “

Empowerment Comes Before Engagement

Do we want teachers to be empowered or engaged? I would like to work in a school culture in which teachers feel empowered to learn and try new things. This builds leadership capacity and intrapreneurship. Should teachers be engaged? Absolutely, but after they feel empowered. I don’t think this would be different for students.

Deep Learning Mindsets & Strategies

How can we best prepare students for a world that will require more of them? The most important resource in education reform is the learner’s mind. We need to re-ignite the hunger for learning that many students lose along the way. Explicit and embedded work on learning mindsets and learning strategies & habits puts studentsContinue reading “Deep Learning Mindsets & Strategies”


Around the globe, economies are shifting away from machine-focused industries toward human-powered creative industries. Many adults are caught in the middle of this shift. Educated for the industrial age but trying to make a living in the information age. Inspired by the work of John Abbott and some others I wrote this post about theContinue reading “One-size-Has-to-fits-all”

Differentiated Instruction on Steroids

Teaching is in the middle of a change, an evolution, a revolution. The intensity of the description depends on whom you ask. One could argue that this change is natural and part of an ebb and flow cycle. This change feels faster, and possibly more frenetic — likely due to technology’s role in the change.

Playing Sports for Bigger Roles in Life

We know that sports and play kids are getting is good for their health. Or at least provides them with an attitude and exercises that are fun and have the oppertunity to involve them in a more active lifestyle. But that’s not the only motivation for encouraging children to participate in (organized) sports and play.

Encourage the Growth of Talent

I will be proud if I give my students the power to consider what kind of society they want to be part of, teaches them to use their abilities to create the change they want to see, and gives them the skills to act on their dreams. This is an ambitious mission and so needed inContinue reading “Encourage the Growth of Talent”

Leo Buscaglia, Inspiring Lessons Learned

Touched by a life changing event in the winter of 1969 Leo Buscaglia decided to start an experimental class at the University where he taught. He wanted to explore the most essential elements of existence and called his course simple: Love Class. In the following years the classes became one of the most popular. InContinue reading “Leo Buscaglia, Inspiring Lessons Learned”

Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose to be Happy

Daniel H Pink has studied motivation in the business world for a long time and he came to the startling conclusion that traditional ways of motivating people with financial incentives doesn’t work. The only time incentives worked, in fact, was when the problem was mechanical and the path to the solution was straightforward. Study afterContinue reading “Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose to be Happy”

No Tests, No Curriculum Standards: Agile Learning

Adult life is all about making choices, learning from them, and prioritizing competing demands for our time. A healthy educational environment must allow students to experience such opportunities and challenges. To do this, students must be able to make their own decisions and pursue their own passions. I believe that this creates the opportunity forContinue reading “No Tests, No Curriculum Standards: Agile Learning”

Play, Passion and Purpose

There are many initiatives around the globe to change education. Operation Education, MindShift and Disruptors are all pasionated about reinventing the educational system. The change needed can be discribed as learning that is more future-proof and supports innovation and entrepreneurship. More than ever lifelong learning becomes key.

Empowerment is Ruled Out by the Educational System 

Education is all about empower other people and supporting people to change their behavior. Getting kids to pay attention in class, getting teens to understand they need to look at their future and getting students to share their talents to move the world. At the center of all this persuasion is selling: educators are sellersContinue reading “Empowerment is Ruled Out by the Educational System “

 Checklisted childhood

During a decade as teacher, lecturer and coach at secondary education and the University of Sports Studies I knew a large number of students who had lived scheduled lives. It started as children and as young adults most of them couldn’t tell me why they had done it. ‘Because you have to’, is a commonContinue reading ” Checklisted childhood”

Innovative Learning: 7 Essential Principles

Every educator wants to create an environment that will foster students’ love of learning. Because the criteria are intangible, it’s difficult to define exactly what they are. But one group of researchers is giving it a try. They launched the Innovative Learning Environments Project to identify practical interventions that mark innovative learning environments. Their isContinue reading “Innovative Learning: 7 Essential Principles”