Educators, We Have to Disrupt Ourselves

Disruptive moments in teaching are created by the growing appreciation for the porous boundaries between classroom and life experience. Our understanding of learning has grown at a rate that has outpaced our conception of teaching. This provides a good reason for educators to develop a personal learning experience (LX). Personal in a sense of being actively involved and important in creating a meaningful learning environment. It is a space where we can keep up with the experimental modes of learning, instruction, changing pedagogy and instructional methods.


Education is in a phase of disruption. Disruptive innovation is happening in higher education now. You can see disruption in the new forms of course delivery (MOOCs), teaching methods (flipped classrooms), and new learning models (competency based learning). These experimental forms of teaching (MOOCs) and assessing (peer review, assessment centers) are changing how educators teach. It also effects the student – teacher relationship. In the learning experience we educators should think about the following:

1. We need to disrupt ourselves! The model of higher education is at a turning point. LX provide a framework for us to expand our knowledge in our areas of expertise, in teaching and instructional methods that will be appropriate and relevant for the digital era.


2. The educator’s role has changed. The learner is moving to the center of the learning and teaching model and relies upon a variety of sources for learning. LX will help educators not only to stay relevant in his field, but will provide an opportunity to learn how to use tools that will enhance instructional methods and adapt to the changing paradigm.

3. Access to the Internet has changed how we teach and learn. New tools, devices, and applications are changing our culture and society. Education is not immune. We need to adapt and respond. LX will help us to do so appropriately by responding from a position of knowledge and understanding.

Personal learning environments are considered to be concepts rather than entities. Concepts need a framework or model to understand the details. If you are able, share your thoughts and concepts – I am sure readers would appreciate hearing from you! Give learning back to live.

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