Future Trends With Impact On Education

As reflection on education and learning turns into aspirations it is important to be aware of shift in education that is happening. A few trends about learning and education will help you to become an active changemaker in education. It’s a time of new possibilities for teaching and learning. Please take your responsibility as a teacher.

democratized entrepreneurship

Democratized entrepreneurship will develop and spread an entrepreneurial mindset among communities. This mindset will support learners and educators to realise grassroots innovation.
Entrepreneurship is no longer reserved for those people with the resources to take a risk and the social capital to access expertise and guidance. Within years, democratized access to investment capital and startup know-how in education can turn any teacher or student into an edupreneur.
An emergent social and financial infrastructure is rapidly growing and cultivating practical know-how about entrepreneurship. This provides oppertunities to regenerate the learning system: start with an edupreneurial mindset of experimentation, risk-taking, learning from failure, creative problem-solving, and market awareness.


In the near future a personal approach to learning will be a combination of learning analytics (data) and insights from brain-based science to provide more contextualized feedback and create high-fidelity learning environments.
Sophisticated learning analytic tools and adaptive courseware have been an important factor in creating personalized learning pathways.
It is possible to match students to instructional modes based on data. Personalization strategies will shift to include creating a richer cognitive environment that supports focus, attention, memory and healthy relationship building for all learners.


A learning business will develop towards organizing learning experiences (LX) to increase adaptability and responsiveness of learners and the community. Therefore the diverse and flexible forms of hyper-focused LX/schools will multiply. Some examples:

  • Agile LX/schools that creatively combine hybrid approaches and social media strategies;
  • Virtual academies that flexibly serve highly motivated, self-directed learners with custom pacing and sequencing;
  • Deep-place, partnership LX/schools that structure learning around neighborhood innovation, service and design thinking.


changing certification

Employment is more and more shaped by career mobility and talents. Therefore the value of degrees will drop and the diversity of certification will grow. Career readiness is shifting from a static benchmark to a continuous, dynamic need over a lifetime. This requires self-directed learning that is closely aligned to the needs of shifting industries. Individuals will assemble the right combinations of learning experiences and credentials to meet their lifelong learning needs and to communicate their performance and mastery.


Within time urban schools and educators will link learning projects and inquiry to local/city challenges and become true innovation and design partners. More immersive, public-facing, design- and service-oriented schools and programs will become important sources of inspiration and problem-solving for communities and their cities.

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