Da Vinci Vibes

As a performance coach of students I like the time we are in. For me it’s an interesting and at the same time challenging time where learning and education is developing fast. In an increasingly interconnected world, young minds can act on innovation much faster than before. It can be scary sometimes for students to experience their impact and possibilities. This blog is about my idea of creating a learning experience for students where they feel challenged to discover their potential to develop meaningful ideas with impact.

da vinci

In the minor Da Vinci I coach you how to turn your ideas into reality. In this experience you will build confidence by getting things done, focus on the development of skills and attitude and develop knowledge across different disciplines. In a team of students with different backgrounds, you will search for trends, new ideas, and develop a entrepreneurial mindset in an initiative that has impact on society. Your idea is worked out in an experiment to test the assumptions underpinning your idea.


full potential

Minor Da Vinci educates, coaches and trains a new breed of young entrepreneurial thinkers. I encourage students to go beyond what is considered ‘traditionally predicted’. During the experience you will develop an entrepreneurial skills set, mindset and learn how to apply knowledge in practice. It’s always challenging and at the same time beautiful to be part of this process. I belief in students and hope to inspire and support them in reaching their full potential and becoming their best self.

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