Why Educational Change Often Fails

Jobs of the future will require creativity, imagination and experience. We have to prepare young people to live in that future.
So far we can distinguish 3 major waves of technological development: steam power and locomotive, electricity and automobile, and high tech. We are about to enter a fourth wave. A wave of nanotechnology and artificial intelligence. This wave will drive the economy, our future. This will have a huge impact on learning. But will it have an impact on education?

your respons?

How should educators respond when computers become part of the wallpaper? How should educators respond when Internet-enabled contact lenses make information accessible at the blink of an eye? How do educators respond to change anyways?

Educators have a duty to teach young people. When the demands of society changes I would expect educators to react. React as a professional who feels the responsibility for students to come up with up-to-date knowlegde, skills and attitudes to serve their learning and supports the society of today and the future. It’s not about responding to every hype. It’s about being critical towards teaching practice and personal routines. It’s about taking responsibility to underpin and develop your personal routine and vieuws as a professional in learning and education.

fail of development in education

why it fails

The future of education will gradually be changed. This means that educators have to stress concepts and key principles. In traditional education students progress is mainly driven by the number of hours spend and their average grade. The problem with average is that it can leave holes in their understanding of concepts, knowledge and skills they will need in future learning.

What I see very often with educational change, like competence-based learning, is that policy makers and educators work hard to find ways to design their competencies to fit in with what they were already doing. The result is that nothing fundamental chances. This is one reason why education is still very traditional in many places. This is a reason why change is going slow.

To close this blogpost I want to share something about the power of believe. Just because I’m me, I like mindset teaching and creating an powerful mind. Also because it’s my birthday and my mind, my way of looking at things is reflected in this little film:

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