Unleash the Innovative Spirit

Nelson Mandela once said: education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Given the current era of digital revolution, digital skills and entrepreneurial attitude education should engage with this to drive our economy forward and secure a successful future for our youth.


Students should be placed in a stimulating environment at school. An environment where they strive for answers and meaningful solutions. Where students learn to take initiative, to be persistent, to think critically, and where they become aware that failure means learning from one’s mistakes. Whether one wants to be a young social entrepreneur making his community a better place, a start-up owner in the health sector, a teacher teaching young children, or a project manager employed at a global enterprise, one will need entrepreneurial skills and mindset.

Nelson Mandela


The world is constantly digitalizing and therefore young people need to be digitally skilled to understand, create and make use of new technologies such as clouds and big data. They will need technology to develop, and will need to learn how to effectively use it. Young people will use digital data and solutions to solve societal challenges. Digital will be part of enable smarter energy use, advance cancer treatment, improve health diagnosis or simply empower individuals.


Not surprisingly, entrepreneurial mindset and digital skills become one of the 21th century ‘must haves’. The way forward is to focus on educating and training young talents as digital entrepreneurs. This will contribute to establish a leadership position in the digital economy and foster entrepreneurial culture.
Cross sectional initiatives are needed to empower young people with entrepreneurial skills and innovative spirit. Companies, governments and educational institutions must join in mentoring, training and providing technology to young talents.
These kind of projects can be a great first step in creating new innovative teaching methods and certifying the skills young people have acquired. However, a stronger support of Ministries of Education, Economy and Technology is needed to equip youth with the 21th century skills to drive changes in tomorrow’s digitalised world. Let’s unleash their spirit and entrepreneurism to do incredible things. Give learning back to life and our youth.

Nelson Mandela is an inspiration for me. His presence is what I looked for in a father, his life battles so significant and his style so adorable. I wish I had more Nelson in me.

Nelson Mandela 1

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