The Classroom Is Dead

Educators all around the world are trying to engage students in innovative ways. The biggest problem is that classrooms are often the last places where innovation starts. Unfortunately school management and even teachers are slow to allow new technologies and innovation within their education. Therefore, some of the most innovative trends in education and educational-technology are happening elsewhere. In fact, many schools are struggling to keep up with the rapidly developing edtech market as digital natives are brought into classrooms around the world. The following years are going to be characterised by learning outside the classroom as edtech advances faster than schools can incorporate technology into the classroom.


Here are the top three trends I’ve seen that will dominate the years to come:
DIY Learning — students are naturally curious about the world around them. Knowledge is always a search and a click away for digital natives. The do-it-yourself video trend started as a supplement for students struggling in the classroom but has taken flight as a stand-alone method of education. For todays students it is important that they can take control of their ability to learn. Youtube and Kahn are leading the way. Educators are beginning to integrate similar videos into their education. Education will soon be synonymous with exploration as learning new skills becomes as easy as pressing play.

Classroom is death

Coding gatherings — Web-development boot camps have sprung up across the globe to train the next generation of coders and hackers. The main idea is to inspire young people to get involved in the digital space. Coding boot camps continue to evolve in a way that will likely start to steal some of the market share from traditional four-year institutions. Todays students around the world are asking themselves why they should pay for a 4 year computer science education if it doesn’t increase my job potential. Soon other degrees in education will meet the same question. Boot camps are no longer being seen as a supplement to the normal school environment. More and more students leverage coding boot camps to pivot their careers. More and more students will skip college entirely by diving into their future careers.

Gamification — Finding fun ways to learn complex materials is an amazing way to trick our brains into learning. People naturally love to learn new things but are often scared of the unknown. Gamified-learning websites use the theory of proximal development to give students information in bite-sized pieces to develop new skills.
The next step in gamification is virtual reality. With the release of the Oculus Rift virtual reality is ready to take over education. Training scenarios that are gamified will capture the minds and attention of students worldwide. Gamified learning is one of the trends I’ve seen in the startup community. I am excited to see new ways entrepreneurs will engage students into learning while having fun.

Cheers to an exciting future in learning.

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