My Struggle

The world has changed. Being a learner is more important than being learned. To have the best chance of happiness and success in the world students have to be able to flourish in freedom. Can you agree? Intellectually, you may be able to make sense of the arguments but the biggest barrier to rethinking education is our own experience.

honors learning

I struggle with this myself. The curriculum I am teaching is to a large extent dominated by learning outcomes, lessons and assignments, dividing the curriculum into neat chunks. It’s not about the process, it’s about the product. I want to create a classroom where my students can enjoy learning experiences. Not that most of the students are seriously harmed, but it could be so much better when providing them an environment that honors their own learning and develops them as curious, creative, passionate learners in the world.

my struggle

i commit

I am convinced that learning environments that give students more agency and freedom over their own learning are what our students need and I am committed to bringing those environments.

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