DIY Mindset in Learning

It’s about diving in head first, a DIY approach, looking at things from different angles. This is what the world’s greatest minds do naturally. It’s from this method that we gain higher order knowledge and understanding.

holistic learning mindset

One big facet of holistic learning is the DIY mentality, each of these points can and should be attempted using this mindset. From the moment your interest is sparked and the decision to learn more is made, you should be trying to learn by doing, to get yourself immersed in trial and error, and to use all your senses for a well-rounded experience.
Learning should be fun and playful. Discipline and commitment will follow. When you’re learning things you’re passionate about and which make you eager to know more, then you reach places others have yet to explore.

Da Vinci, Einstein and Elon Musk

Every great mind has been met with a great number of doubters. People are often inherently skeptical of someone that doesn’t think like they do or see the world from their perspective.
When one perspective has been adopted and followed by many people you run the risk of missing reflective force and adaptability to change. The core principles of holistic learning lies in the exploration of ‘a topic’ in your own way. It’s not learning through repetition or memorization. It’s not about taking someone’s word for it or only judging one point of view. It’s not about following in another’s footsteps or outcomes.

build your web

Learning the facts is essential, you need materials, but once you have ‘enough’ you need to start putting it together. It’s about finding out what links to what and how. Actively making connections and forming a web as opposed to a list.

DaVinci Einstein Tesla

different perspectives

Knowledge is not flat, you can’t see everything by looking at it. True understanding requires more than reading one book or listening to one teacher. Find other opinions, ideas and concepts. Be open to other perspectives and try to look from different perspectives. All will contribute to the overall effect.

test yourself

Testing is a way to see what you know. In a sense it’s a measuring stick of your current understanding. But it’s also a learning strategy. That is why testing yourself is a valuable source for learning. It also strengthens your memory.

explore and do

At this point you have a web of knowledge, with understanding. You also have different perspectives of succesful ideas. Now we need to start testing our own theories and exploring the dark corners of knowledge that are to be uncovered. How can we do this effectively? Humans have a natural tendency to spot relationships and find links. Using this advantage means transferring it of one thing onto another. This is only limited by your imagination. This may be the reason why those geniuses were also very creative. It can help to use metaphors. Metaphors are a powerful tool and matches with the idea of empowered learning and DIY in learning. What is your metaphor to empower yourself?

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