How Do You Create Empowered Learners?

Many research verifies the relevance of empowerment to education. When students are empowered, they learn more, and they learn better. So how do we help those tentative, cautious learners who are lack confidence in themselves and, above all else, want learning to be pleasant and painless?

as a teacher

Teachers can play a key role in empowering learners. What you need is an accurate descriptions of those actions learners must take in order to succeed. As a teacher you make the tasks clear and explain what steps to take and in what order. Show students how to do it by identify relevant resources and emphasis student efforts.

empowered coach

Then, after they’ve done that for a while, you, as a teacher, start asking students to identify the actions they need to take. Focus on in what order, as well as locate whatever resources they may need to complete the task successfully. Teachers celebrate successes with students, even small ones, and teachers are there showing students how to make learning experiences out of failures. Students are empowered by good coaching.

Beyond teacher-student relationships, teachers can empower students by making sure the work students do is meaningful and important. Authentic assignments empower students. And finally, teachers need to talk about how beliefs affect behavior. Student beliefs about what they can and can’t learn powerfully influence what they do and don’t learn. Empowered learners do better in courses and in life.

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