Rise of the Edu Network

Social networks are so all-emcompassing it’s hard to imagine how we ever lived without them. It rises the question on how many places do you want to present your digital self? Ofcourse that varies for each individual. But do you think there are enough networks now? Easilly we would say yes, but there are still major networks to create, I would say.

information service

Consider how advancing technology could do for education what it had already done to recorded music! Musical recording was a mechanical process until it wasn’t. It became a network service. The new principal of the music business is the operators of network services. They mostly give away the music for free in exchange for gathering data to improve those dossiers and software models. The same thing is happening in education. Whatever the details, education will be reconceived as an information service. The role of human teachers is not entirely over but lecturing on a certain time for a selective audience is definitly the old.

online network

In the near future we will see at least a educational network going mainstream. Because education is a realm where people maintain unique identities, relationships and the outcomes are key to someones quality of life. So there is room for such network. Already exciting networks like Operation Education, Onderwijsenzo (both Dutch), education.com, Disrupt Education and Mindshift (all International) are all fast growing networks.

Network education

A network can create and unleash important new ideas and spread them faster. In our society WHAT you know – information – is framed by WHO you know – relationships. Our friends and colleagues find and filter information that is most useful to us. Networks create tighter feedback loops. They surface and accelerate what is most relevant to know. They make it possible to engage in high numbers of interactions and in part by redistributing trust.

digital clothing

Networks are the key to clarity, purpose and success because of the ability to navigate all the options and opportunities. Our social networks is as a digital clothing. We have different clothing for different facets of our identity, life and needs. Of course many of these networks aspire to be that everyday and anywear shirt. But their is a significant need and demand for more targeted networks and platforms.

Roughly, Facebook is where you maintain personal relationships. LinkedIn is for professional life. Twitter is for what is happening now. Pinterest, Tumblr, Youtube and Instagram are for sharing your creativity. Of course this is a generalisation and there is overlap in many of these networks. Is there already a network for education? Edmodo is an education-oriented network for teachers, students and parents. Will it go mainstream in 2016?

it makes sense

Education still is the key to success — online knowledge acquisition creates life changing opportunities. Education has become accessible for everyone Education is still a social activity. Humans learn by modelling the behaviour and internalising the experiences. With networks, learners can exponentially increase interaction, sharing and therfore it makes so much sense.

I’m curious about what will happen and when you have any suggestions or want me to participate, please feel free to contact me.

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