Realizing the Entrepreneur-shift

To be successful in the world of today and in the future you need to have an open, curious mindset ready to make things happen. It’s all about the shift from a predict and control mentality towards the entrepreneurs mentality (also called intrepreneurship). There are several ways to support the process of becoming an entrepreneur at work (entrepreneur-shift).


1. Communicate the reason for change and start with Why.
It is vital that anyone who has chosen to adopt this new approach of governance take the time to make clear to people the reason for the change in a way that makes sense to them. This message should be repeated over and over again and should start with the message to launch the shift. If the company has an explicit value system which all employees are familiar with, then it could be beneficial to use it.


2. Support and coach people, especially by Lead Links.
People cannot just adopt a new approach overnight. It takes time, support and coaching. The Lead Link has a coaching role and is the person best placed to help other people to succeed in their roles. Therefore, he must be strong and refuse to listen to anyone who might criticise Holacracy. Nor should he take on people’s problems. He must be the person to support and coach others on their request. Look at how they deal with and process their tensions and challenges. People like to share their thoughts with each other and therefore group sessions should be arranged to tackle certain topics and help them to understand the meaning of any aspect backed in the Holacratic approach.

entrepreneur shift


3. Educate and learn
People have never found it difficult to understand the traditional management system because they have been surrounded by it since birth. The Holacracy approach is very different and completely new. It is important to make clear that it is a new way of working which, like any kind of change, is bound to take time, and investments in education to help make the change easier. To begin with, the process will seem long and tedious and you will probably feel that you are going backwards. After some time the learning curve will rise and speed up, and even so when the benefits become tangible.


It can be wise to collect all success stories and share them. People will then come to believe that it is possible and that it makes sense. They will be able to gain a deeper insight into the Holacratic approach.

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