Be Your Own Change Agent

For me it is always time to explore the future of learning. It requires that I take time to reflect. That I understand more explicitly which values and priorities underpin and connects all of the opportunities surrounding me.
I decided to continue my blog in English because I am red in over 60 countries. It is an universal language that I find challenging and interesting. And also for SEO reasons one language is better.


My personal drive is to contribute to the development of people in such a way that they feel empowered to trust on their talents, step out of their comfort-zone and reach for their full potential.
I want to create a learning experience that has life-changing potential and stimulates entrepreneurial behaviour in a Socratic environment. It is about giving learning back to life!

change agent

Activation is an inner game. Moving audiences with stories and experiences the world really needs. Starting with the senses, moving up through the mind and finally entering our essence. For there is no greater change agent than an inspired person. I believe that every person has the ability to change. I hope I can contribute to the professional dialogue and development of learning, coaching and education. Through my blog I hope to inspire and disrupt the status quo. I also contribute to public and private initiatives as an expert and creative thinker.
change agent


I’m open and interested in working together to create value while sharing virtual space (guest blogs). Technology can bring people together without the need to be in the same place. This highlights the concept of ‘wisdom of the crowds’. It’s about the power of diversity in the area of brainstorming, concept development, problem solving and ideation. The more diverse the better they are. I want to contribute to this kind of knowledge development by reviewing books or articles. So, if you have an awesome read/book for me feel free to sent me one.


Thanks to my first hour audience for reading, sharing and commenting on my blogposts. I really appreciate it! Without your support I wasn’t blogging anymore. Thank you very much for motivating me to search, learn, write and share. Thanks Jettie Nieuwenhuis, my first follower. Thanks Lynn Kidman for regular sharing and inspiring me. Thanks Arantza Arruti for you comment and likes. Thanks Italian students for your interest and sharing: I miss you. Thanks Marco Broekman, urbanism research architecture, for being part of the project: great! Thanks to Brenda van de Wal at Dizian Branding for your feedback. Thanks to all my followers and readers (2000+ in 8 month). I’m back, more focussed and motivated.

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