Checklisted childhood

During a decade as teacher, lecturer and coach at secondary education and the University of Sports Studies I knew a large number of students who had lived scheduled lives. It started as children and as young adults most of them couldn’t tell me why they had done it. ‘Because you have to’, is a common heard answer. Having done that, they were stuck in perpetual ‘now what?’ mode, hoping someone else would answer that question for them.

active learning

My students inspired me to think about it, watch it closely and experiment with an active learning approach. They taught me that a pre-programmed, enriched, spoon-fed, caged-in, ‘checklisted childhood and education’ may lead to an impressive résumé, but that such achievements can come at the expense of self-efficacy — a true, innate sense of self. That sense of self is undermined when a person has too much of the stuff of life planned and handled for them.
checklisted childhood

thanks for inspiring me

Jacqueline Borgers, Jorden Paludanus, Dominique van Waesberge, Margot Elema, Lize Hillege, Lennart Schuur, Egbert Jan Weber, Rosemarijn Puma, Adriaan van Rijsselberghe, Dilys en Alant Vlieger, Michelle Nijmeijer, Vivian Robben, Yta Holwerda, Martijn Jaspers, Bart van Roessel, Puck van Hasselt, Karina de Haan, Wout Schutte, Art Reijns, Kevin van der Linde, Robin Drent, Anne-Loes Weusthof en Luis Kardol. This aren’t people with scheduled life but people how inspired me to continue to improve my education and coaching of learning. Thanks for being you and meeting in life. I hope to inspire more people to become their best self, and love to play a role in coaching that process.

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